Welcome for European action on breast implants

Glenis Willmott has supported a demand for the introduction of an EU wide system for tracing the origins of breast implants.

Labour MEPs sponsored the resolution, agreed yesterday in the European Parliament, to establish “traceability systems” so women will know the manufacturer of their breast implants and for an EU system for “pre-market authorisation”, as already exists for pharmaceuticals.
The demands for legislation follow the recent scandal of faulty breast implants affecting women across the EU.  Around 40,000 women in the UK alone have implants supplied by the French company, PiP, which contained cheap industrial quality silicone normally used for mattresses, rather than medical grade silicone.
Glenis said: “It’s an absolute scandal the way these women have been treated.”
“The victims in this are understandably very fearful and concerned. This is why we need EU-wide action, and a register to set up a traceability system across Europe will be part of this.
“The way the British government dealt with this issue was deplorable.  They should have ensured that women who had faulty implants could have them removed at no cost, with the private companies picking up the bill.  This could have prevented so much anguish.

Labour MEPS also supported an amendment calling for an end to advertising of plastic surgery.

“Advertising in this field makes very little attempt to explain that breast implant operations are a life-long commitment that will require continued surgery, whether it is to replace them as they wear out or to remove them entirely,” Glenis said.

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