The EU must act on climate change to save lives


Glenis Willmott, MEP for the East Midlands, has welcomed an appeal by experts to an event hosted by the British Medical Journal earlier this week, for the European Union to introduce a 30 per cent greenhouse gas reduction by 2020.

Experts have urged the EU and the rest of the international community to act now to tackle the health and security threat that is caused by climate change.

They believe climate change poses an “immediate, grave and escalating” threat to the health and security of people around the globe and “must be tackled urgently”.

At present, the EU has committed itself to a more modest 20 per cent cut but says this could be increased depending on the response from major global polluters such as the US and China.

Mrs Willmott said:

“Reducing CO2 emissions should not be something that the EU aspires to achieve, but should be something that the EU is compelled to achieve”

“We have all seen the consequences of climate change, with extreme weather events taking place across the globe”

“By not taking climate change seriously, we are all at risk from these extreme weather events and the loss of life, limb and habitat will continue to destroy people’s lives”

Mrs Willmott went on to say:

“Labour MEPs voted to raise the cut in CO2 emissions to 30 per cent, but the vote was lost because Tory MEP’s voted against the measure, therefore dispelling any myth of Cameron’s assertion that they would be the ‘greenest government ever’”
This call by independent experts highlights why Labour was right to vote for a 30 per cent target in reducing emissions.

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