Labour MEPs vote for EU countries to take action on zero-hours contracts

Low Paid Young PeopleThe European Parliament voted yesterday for national governments to tackle precarious employment – including zero-hour contracts – youth unemployment and poor wages.

Labour MEPs have long called for action on abusive zero-hour contracts that offer no job security and prevent …

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Local MEP welcomes EU funding to tackle youth unemployment in UK

Job CentreEurope is facing a crisis with over 5 million young people in unemployment. Labour MEPs are fighting for new opportunities for young people in the UK and plan to vote in favour of EU funding to help create new jobs …

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We are still fighting against racial discrimination in the EU

iStock_000018447670MediumOn this day in 1960, South African police opened fire against 69 people demonstrating peacefully against apartheid ‘pass laws’ in Sharpeville, South Africa. The United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination marks this tragedy every year, and …

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Labour MEP: Coalition is letting down young people in the East Midlands


Local MEP, Glenis Willmott, has criticised the Coalition for not using EU funding to implement a Youth Guarantee Scheme in the East Midlands to help young people who are unemployed.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s leader in Europe, said:

“There are …

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Running out of time to help young people

The UK Job CentreGovernment’s Commission on Social Mobility and Child Poverty published its final annual report yesterday. While noting some successes, it makes for grim reading, especially for our nation’s young people.

Speaking in advance of the publication at the weekend, …

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EU must act to give young people a future

Low Paid Young PeopleRecent figures released by the Resolution Foundation show that young people in the UK are increasingly stuck in low-paid jobs, often on temporary contracts that offer no security and few prospects for the future.

29% of workers aged 21-30 are …

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Welcome for Europe-wide “Youth Guarantee”

glenis with hannes & irsh minister

“At last – a glimmer of hope for Britain’s lost youth,” said Glenis Willmott MEP, Leader of Labour’s MEPs, after an agreement last week by EU governments to bring in an EU-wide ‘youth guarantee’

The youth guarantee will ensure that …

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MEPs back youth guarantee schemes

177bfb0b-42b7-ebd4-353e-760c0ebb352cPlans for “youth guarantee” schemes to ensure that all young people get a job, education or internship offer after four months’ unemployment, were agreed in the European Parliament today.

In Strasbourg, MEPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of new plans to …

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Young People – resourceful and ready to work

At the weekend over 300 people came to Nottingham for a major international conference.

The “Getting Europe Working” Youth Summit was part of the campaign Re-launching Europe: our alternative vision for the future being run by the Socialists and Democrats

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