Pledge your support for equality on this International Women’s day

all-mepsToday is International Women’s Day, and the theme this year is Pledge for Parity. The campaign is calling for everyone, regardless of their field, to support gender equality at work and at home.

This is a brilliant way of approaching …

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Open letter- We must end violence again women

domestic abuse

Dear Editor,

Each week, two women are killed by their partner or a former partner in the UK. This is an absolutely shocking statistic and we must work together to stop this tragic loss of life.

With the recent International …

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Open letter: Gender pay gap

Dear Editor,

This week, Labour MEPs voted in favour of a report calling for the law on equal opportunities in employment to be updated and strengthened across the EU, with targets to combat the gender pay gap. Disappointingly, Tory MEPs …

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Labour MEP backs strong EU gender equality strategy while Tories and UKIP vote against

glenis chairToday MEPs voted for a comprehensive and progressive EU gender equality strategy, addressing key issues like the gender pay gap, under-representation, discrimination, violence against women and sexual and reproductive health.

Labour MEPs backed the report but Conservative and UKIP MEPs …

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Tales from the campaign trail (part 2)

Outside Radmoor Centre 2As I continue campaigning in the run-up to this year’s all-important general election, I’ve been reminded recently of the old Bob Monkhouse joke: “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian.  Well, they’re not laughing now!” …

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Labour MEPs vote for greater promotion of gender equality while Tories vote against

gw picLabour MEPs have voted today for European action to promote greater equality between women and men. Conservative MEPs voted against whilst UKIP MEPs abstained.

MEPs voted by 441 to 205 to adopt a report that addresses a number of key …

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Educating and empowering women is essential for developing countries

Educating girlsAlthough great strides have been made in gender equality, being born female still puts you at a disadvantage in some parts of the world. As the European Year of Development theme this month is women and girls, and it is …

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More than Jam and Jerusalem

WIThis year marks the centenary of one of Britain’s most well-known (and well-loved) voluntary organisations – the National Federation of Women’s Institutes – or W.I.

The first WI meeting was held in Anglesey on 16 September 1915, and  it has …

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Cameron’s reshuffle is cause for concern

Labour MEP expresses concern at Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle which shows he is in complete disarray over the issue of Europe.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, said:

“Yesterday’s reshuffle shows that Cameron is completely confused on which direction …

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Action demanded on public health concerns

GW seriousA local Euro MP is calling for Europe-wide action on two major health issues.

Glenis Willmott, who leads on public health for Labour in the European Parliament, is calling for greater attention to be given to Hepatitis B & C …

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