Labour MEP condemns ex-UKIP MEP’s role in forming new far-right Group

gw picAn East Midlands MEP has condemned today’s formation of a far-right Group in the European Parliament, made possible by the defection of a former UKIP MEP.

Until now, Marine Le Pen’s Front National have not been able to create a …

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Labour MEP backs strong EU gender equality strategy while Tories and UKIP vote against

glenis chairToday MEPs voted for a comprehensive and progressive EU gender equality strategy, addressing key issues like the gender pay gap, under-representation, discrimination, violence against women and sexual and reproductive health.

Labour MEPs backed the report but Conservative and UKIP MEPs …

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Local MEP backs EU action to break link between armed conflict and the minerals trade

Conflict Minerals

MEPs voted today for compulsory checks on the sources of minerals imported from conflict zones.

Under the proposals, companies must make reasonable checks to ensure the step behind them in the supply chain can verify where the product came from, …

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We are still fighting against racial discrimination in the EU

iStock_000018447670MediumOn this day in 1960, South African police opened fire against 69 people demonstrating peacefully against apartheid ‘pass laws’ in Sharpeville, South Africa. The United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination marks this tragedy every year, and …

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UKIP are the party of vested interests and tax cheats, not “the little man”

First published by LabourList, February 2015

TUKIPhis week Nigel Farage claimed UKIP was the only party “standing up for the little man” – at the same time his MEPs were voting for vested interests and greedy tax avoiders …

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UKIP’s disregard for the health of the British public

cigarette in ashtrayIt is estimated that smoking causes 100,000 deaths in the UK every year and costs the NHS an estimated £2 billion a year. With these startling figures in mind it is shocking that UKIP have announced plans to bring back …

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Cameron fails to answer key questions on EU reform

cameron merkelDavid Cameron has failed to reveal how he will rebuild the alliances he needs in Europe to deliver EU reform, and has no answers on tackling the exploitation of migrant labour and the undercutting of wages, Labour MEPs warned today.…

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IMG_4868Last Sunday, Sunday Politics East Midlands included a debate between four of the region’s five MEPs.  There was Roger Helmer, a former Tory now representing UKIP, Bill Newton Dunn, a former Tory now representing the Libdems, and Emma McClarkin, a

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It won’t happen like this . . . but if it did . . .

ballot boxWith party conferences and frontbench  reshuffles now behind us, political parties are now shifting their attention towards the next set of elections – the last nation-wide contest before the General election – the elections to the European Parliament in May …

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A bad week for UKIP

hemicycleIt’s not been a good week for UKIP.

First of all, they lost one of their MEPs.    Mike Nattrass from the West Midlands announced he had left UKIP, saying that Nigel Farage’s leadership of the party was “totalitarian”:

He’s the …

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