Labour MEPs back EU action to clamp down on rate-rigging following LIBOR scandal


Labour MEPs voted yesterday for EU action to clamp down on rate-rigging following the LIBOR scandal.

MEPs voted for new rules that will strengthen the accuracy and integrity of benchmarks used in financial instruments and financial contracts, like LIBOR, the …

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30 years on from the first .com domain, the internet has transformed our lives

ethernet cables

Today marks 30 years since the first .com domain name was registered. Back in 1985, American computer manufacturer Symbolics acquired the first web address at a time when their most advanced machines could just about fit on a sturdy desk …

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Labour MEPs vote for credit card fees cap to help small businesses

credit cards

Labour MEPs have voted in favour of capping charges for credit and debit card transactions which will save British businesses an estimated £480 million a year. The proposal was passed with 621 MEPs in favour and just 26 against, including …

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Juncker should reverse decision on medicines shake up

Glenis Willmott, a leading MEP on health, has lambasted plans for pharmaceuticals and medical devices to be overseen by the Industry Commissioner in Juncker’s new team.

“I find it hard to believe. Medicines and medical devices are first and foremost …

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Labour MEP defends traffic light labelling from possible EU court case

GROUP S&DGlenis Willmott, health spokesperson for Labour MEPs, is defending the UK’s traffic light food labelling scheme amidst plans to refer it to the European Court of Justice tomorrow.

“I strongly condemn attempts to stop the traffic light scheme through a …

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Reaction to European Medicine Agency’s transparency policy

ClinicalTrialsGlenis Willmott MEP, rapporteur for the Clinical Trials Regulation has commented following the meeting of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the publication of clinical trials data.

“I am pleased to see the idea of ‘screen-only’ viewing of clinical trial …

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New EU clinical trial rules will ensure Tamiflu scandal won’t happen in future

clinical trials microscopeNew clinical trials transparency measures, voted through by the European Parliament last week, will prohibit companies from suppressing data and putting lives at risk.

This week it was revealed Roche, the drug company behind Tamiflu, withheld vital information on its …

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Pharma company drops transparency challenge following new Labour-led law

ClinicalTrialsJust one day after the European Parliament approved transparency measures for clinical trials, pharmaceutical company AbbVie have announced they are dropping their court case against the European Medicines Agency for attempting to publish clinical trial data.

Glenis Willmott MEP steered …

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Delight at overwhelming vote

laboratoryIn Brussels last night, the European Parliament voted by 594 votes to 17 to support new rules for clinical trials across Europe.  The new laws were taken through Parliament by East Midlands Labour MEP Glenis Willmott.

Glenis said: “I am …

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