Tory MEPs vote against increased transparency that will help tackle tax dodging

Glenis No Tax Haven

Conservative MEPs have voted against ‘country-by-country’ reporting of companies’ tax declarations, measures that will bring in greater tax transparency and assist the fight against aggressive tax avoidance.

The Shareholders Rights Directive, which Labour MEPs voted for, will also ensure better …

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Tory MEPs vote for subsidies, quotas and intervention in milk market

cowsConservative MEPs voted yesterday for a return to supply management of the dairy sector, including subsidies, quotas and market intervention.

Tory MEPs backed a report on the EU dairy package, which includes support for subsidies for farmers to voluntarily reduce …

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Labour MEP backs strong EU gender equality strategy while Tories and UKIP vote against

glenis chairToday MEPs voted for a comprehensive and progressive EU gender equality strategy, addressing key issues like the gender pay gap, under-representation, discrimination, violence against women and sexual and reproductive health.

Labour MEPs backed the report but Conservative and UKIP MEPs …

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Local MEP backs EU action to break link between armed conflict and the minerals trade

Conflict Minerals

MEPs voted today for compulsory checks on the sources of minerals imported from conflict zones.

Under the proposals, companies must make reasonable checks to ensure the step behind them in the supply chain can verify where the product came from, …

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Bringing back high-quality apprenticeships is vital for our young people


This week marks National Apprenticeship Week which is a fantastic opportunity to bang the drum for apprentices and the huge opportunities and benefits apprenticeships offer to both individuals and society. It was first introduced by the last Labour government back …

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Now we can finally put public health ahead of the tobacco industry


Today is national No Smoking Day and MPs have finally voted to introduce plain cigarette packaging in England. The government first announced they would consider the proposals back in 2011 and held a consultation in 2012. They then appeared to …

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Labour MEPs vote for greater promotion of gender equality while Tories vote against

gw picLabour MEPs have voted today for European action to promote greater equality between women and men. Conservative MEPs voted against whilst UKIP MEPs abstained.

MEPs voted by 441 to 205 to adopt a report that addresses a number of key …

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UKIP are the party of vested interests and tax cheats, not “the little man”

First published by LabourList, February 2015

TUKIPhis week Nigel Farage claimed UKIP was the only party “standing up for the little man” – at the same time his MEPs were voting for vested interests and greedy tax avoiders …

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Labour MEP: Coalition is letting down young people in the East Midlands


Local MEP, Glenis Willmott, has criticised the Coalition for not using EU funding to implement a Youth Guarantee Scheme in the East Midlands to help young people who are unemployed.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s leader in Europe, said:

“There are …

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East Midlands MEP meets local TTIP campaigners

TTIPLocal MEP, Glenis Willmott, met with anti-TTIP campaigners from the East Midlands today to listen to their concerns. The group were particularly worried about the effects that TTIP would have on NHS services, local procurement and the environment, including the …

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