EU membership is vital for our security

iStock_000006127667XSmallThis week, Labour MEPs voted to strengthen Europol, the EU wide law enforcement agency. The new rules will enhance the investigatory powers of Europol, making it easier to set up specialised units to react to emerging threats, while also increasing …

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Leaving the EU would be a bureaucratic nightmare

UK & EU working togetherWe’ve seen lots of different groups declare themselves In over the last few weeks, including Scientists for EU, Universities for Europe and now Lawyers for In. One of the articles that caught my eye has been Lawyers for In talking …

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Local MEP: “Workers’ rights must remain at heart of EU”

gw picAn East Midlands MEP today welcomed news that the UK would not be seeking an opt-out on EU employment protections, but called for continued vigilance against threats to workers’ rights.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, said:

“Any …

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Leader of Labour MEPs: Eurozone and Greece must try again to agree deal and spare Greeks further misery

gw picLabour MEPs called on eurozone countries and the Greek government to try again to agree a new bailout deal to prevent further chaos and spare the Greek people more misery following the No vote in yesterday’s referendum.

Glenis Willmott MEP, …

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To achieve reform, Cameron must demonstrate statesmanship on Greece, build bridges and forge alliances

cameron merkelDavid Cameron is today outlining his demands for EU reform at a summit of Europe’s leaders – though it’s the plight and possible exit of another country that will be front and centre of everyone else’s minds.

Greece is in …

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16 and 17 year-olds deserve a say on their future

EU & Uk flags merged transparent largeThere has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the EU referendum that is set to happen now that David Cameron is back in Number 10. His whistle-stop tour of European countries and the fact that many Tories …

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The Cottage Industry of the Euromyth

EU & Uk flags merged transparent large“Exposing EU “myths” has become something of a cottage industry in recent years.”

So begins an item on the Sky News website.  And though there’s nothing in the article which is either particularly new or surprising, it reminds us that …

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A “Neverendum” on Europe

cameuThe coming referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union should be a defining moment about Britain’s place in the world; yet the process leading up to it is shrouded in secrecy and confusion, and the …

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Local MEP: Cameron must negotiate in Europe, not make demands

cameron merkelAn East Midlands MEP has warned that the Prime Minister should make the case for the EU reforms Britain needs, rather than threatening to pull out if his demands are not met. Speaking early today, the Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond …

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A big day for marriage equality in the Republic of Ireland

Irish Marriage Referendum

Today is an exciting one for equality campaigners in Ireland, with thousands going to the polls to vote in a referendum on marriage equality. This is the first referendum to be held on same-sex marriage anywhere in the world, so …

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