MEP supports EU funding for Rolls-Royce to keep highly skilled jobs in Derby

RRToday local Labour MEP, Glenis Willmott, returned to the Rolls-Royce site in Derby to see what investments have been made thanks to EU funding. The Derby site is the UK’s flagship site and employs 12,000 people who work in civil …

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Local Euro MP is fighting for our endangered birds

Turtle doveA local Euro MP is campaigning with Birdlife Malta to stop the upcoming hunting season in Malta and save endangered bird species.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, signed a letter to the European Commission this week calling …

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Labour MEPs call for government, unions and industry to agree a plan to save our steel

iStock_000040641662_SmallLabour MEPs today demanded that the government take action to ensure a viable future for steel on Teesside using all tools at its disposal – there can be no more excuses for inaction.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East …

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Labour MEP joins calls for tough action to combat drink driving in EU


An East Midlands MEP has joined with colleagues from across the EU to demand tougher action to bring down the number of drink driving deaths on Europe’s roads. MEPs have written to the European Commission asking them to toughen their …

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Further action is needed to tackle alcohol-related harm

Alcohol-related harm wineis a key public health concern in the UK and across Europe.

Glenis Willmott MEP in her role as a co-sponsor of the EU Resolution on the Alcohol Strategy has written to the European Commission’s President  and Vice-President  …

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Labour MEPs statement on TTIP


Last month, UK Tory and Liberal Democrat MEPs voted to delay the TTIP debate, but this week Labour MEPs had our first chance to vote for what we do and do not want to see in the Transatlantic Trade and …

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Local MEP calls on European Commission and UEFA to take lead in fight against FIFA corruption


An East Midlands MEP has called for the EU and UEFA to take the lead in the fight against high level corruption in FIFA – and not just leave it to the US.

Among the reforms Labour MEPs are calling …

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East Midlands MEP: European Commission has taken a wrong turn on road safety

traffic jamAn East Midlands MEP has condemned the European Commission’s plans to scrap a key target on reducing serious road injuries, due to be announced by EU transport ministers today.

As a result of the shock move, road safety experts and …

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Labour MEP pushes for further action over Raif Badawi case

Raif Badawi

An East Midlands MEP has expressed her concern over the continued detention of Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi after he was sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison followed by a 10 year travel ban. He has already …

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Call for EU to limit trans fats

First published by The Parliament Magazine, June 2015.

Trans fatty acids (TFAs) are a particular type of unsaturated fat found in their natural form in foods obtained from ruminants, such as dairy products and meat.

Artificial, or industrially produced, …

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