Further delays to EU Clinical Trials Portal mean UK patients may not benefit at all from new regulation before Brexit

Mr Guido Rasi,
European Medicines Agency

13th July 2017

Dear Mr Guido Rasi,

I am writing to express my serious concerns about the consequences of the further delays to the development of the EU Clinical Trials Portal and Database …

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Local Labour MEP backs EU scheme that provides milk for UK schoolchildren

Cute little girl drinking milk

Children across Europe will eat and drink more healthily thanks to a vote this week in the European Parliament on new legislation which will give EU countries the option to freely distribute fruit, vegetables and milk in schools.

The changes …

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Open letter: East Midlands- much more than just pork pies!

apple pieDear Editor,

We all know about the excellent local food that is produced in the East Midlands from Melton Mowbray pork pies to Bramley apple pie filling.

These products with specific characteristics attributable to the East Midlands are protected at …

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Labour MEP calls for EU action to help local human rights campaigner

gw picGlenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, has been campaigning with the TUC for EU action to support the plight of a local human rights campaigner.

Andy Hall has fought to protect human rights in South East Asia for …

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Local Euro MP is fighting for our endangered birds

Turtle doveA local Euro MP is campaigning with Birdlife Malta to stop the upcoming hunting season in Malta and save endangered bird species.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, signed a letter to the European Commission this week calling …

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TTIP: Labour MEPs vote to keep out public services and protect workers’ rights and environmental standards

Very large 3D render of blended US and EU flags.Labour MEPs voted yesterday to keep public services out of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and to ensure workers’ rights and environmental standards are protected.

Labour MEPs also voted to rule out ISDS, Investor-State Dispute Settlement, which enables …

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Tory MEPs vote for subsidies, quotas and intervention in milk market

cowsConservative MEPs voted yesterday for a return to supply management of the dairy sector, including subsidies, quotas and market intervention.

Tory MEPs backed a report on the EU dairy package, which includes support for subsidies for farmers to voluntarily reduce …

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Open letter: Working mothers deserve better


David Cameron’s lack of regard for women’s rights has yet again been highlighted this week.

Sadly, the EU’s draft Maternity Leave Directive has been officially withdrawn after it was blocked by a number of national governments, including the …

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Labour MEPs welcome end of EU roaming charges and ban on two-speed internet

roaming charge picRoaming charges in the EU will end in 2017, and there will be an EU-wide ban on the creation of a two-speed internet.

MEPs reached a deal with their European co-legislators today on the Telecoms Single Market package, which will …

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Educating and empowering women is essential for developing countries

Educating girlsAlthough great strides have been made in gender equality, being born female still puts you at a disadvantage in some parts of the world. As the European Year of Development theme this month is women and girls, and it is …

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