It is vital that we protect biodiversity, or we will lose it forever

honeybeeAlthough it is not as widely publicised or discussed as higher profile issues like climate change, the loss of some of the Earth’s most precious habitats and wildlife is happening at an alarming and aggressive rate. Natural changes in climate …

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Labour MEP welcomes compulsory palm oil labelling

Palm Oil InfographicA change in European law made by an East Midlands MEP will mean all products containing palm oil must be clearly labelled. The new requirements will come into force on 13 December and follow concerns from many consumers about unsustainable …

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EU must continue work to restore Peak District moors

Peak District moorlandNow that funding for a brilliant project restoring natural peat moors in the East Midlands is coming to an end, I want the EU to continue its commitment to this unique natural habitat.

The Peak District is a stunningly beautiful …

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Letter to press – EIAs for fracking projects

Dear Editor,

In the European Parliament this week, MEPs voted to ensure that any proposed fracking project will have to undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment first, and that local residents will have greater access to information regarding that assessment.

It …

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No vote on ‘backloading’ will hamper EU’s ability to combat climate change

FactoryI am extremely disappointed that today the European Parliament, with support from many UK Conservatives and other East Midlands MEPs, voted to reject a proposal to help preserve the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The ETS is at the heart …

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Common Agricultural Policy can be for all of us

cap picThis month the European Parliament will have a golden opportunity to make some ambitious changes to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).  Yet the signs are that many MEPs will opt for the status quo, and vote against much needed …

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Pesticide ban to save bees?

beeThree types of neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to bees, the European Food Safety Authority has said, after evaluating all the available evidence. The recommendation is that these pesticides should not be used on flowering crops. Worryingly, however, the British

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East Midlands still alive and kicking

The Tory-led Government may have closed down regional development agencies, but co-operation between universities, councils, industry and other regional partners still continues.    Despite the difficulties caused by the loss of EMDA (East Midlands Development Agency) as well as its …

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“Don’t mislead consumers” says MEP

 “If you see a product on a supermarket shelf, and it says ‘less sugar’ or ‘less fat’ you’d think it was healthy.  I’m taking the lead in ensuring that EU-wide legislation allows shoppers to trust these claims,” said Glenis Willmott, …

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MEP welcomes action for a safer East Midlands

Glenis Willmott has welcomed new Euro-wide action aimed at protecting human health and the environment, agreed by MEPs last week in the European Parliament.

“All parts of Europe, from Nottingham to Nantes, will be safer as a result of these …

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