Labour MEPs back 0.7% overseas aid target for all EU countries

ukaidLabour MEPs voted this week for the EU and national governments to recommit to the target of 0.7% of national income for overseas aid. The vote came ahead of a meeting of EU ministers next week in Brussels, who will …

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Clean water can save a newborn baby’s life; let’s commit to giving them a #HealthyStart

clean water pumpToday is World Water Day which is an important annual milestone for international development. Providing universal access to clean drinking water has long been something I have campaigned on and a key goal of the United Nations and countless brilliant …

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Local MEP backs Rotary campaign to eradicate polio

An East Midlands MEP has given her backing to a campaign to completely eradicate the infectious and paralysing disease polio after being contacted by a constituent. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative started 25 years ago and there are now 99% …

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Educating and empowering women is essential for developing countries

Educating girlsAlthough great strides have been made in gender equality, being born female still puts you at a disadvantage in some parts of the world. As the European Year of Development theme this month is women and girls, and it is …

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Labour MEP supporting Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

COOP-EASTLEAKE-24A Labour MEP is pledging her support for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight which starts on Monday and running until the 8th March. This year marks the 20th Fairtrade Fortnight and so it will celebrate the impact that Fairtrade …

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The European Year for Development 2015: a year of opportunity for access to medicines

Access to medicines saves livesLabour MEPs are leading the push for international action against poverty, and poverty-related diseases. We need to make sure the European Year for Development is a European year of action.

We have achieved a lot through the United Nations Millennium …

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Labour MEP calls for end to poverty related diseases

Anneliese DODDS, Catherine STIHLER, Linda McAVAN, Seb DANCE, Glenis WILLMOTT, Richard HOWITT, Paul BRANNEN, Lucy ANDERSON, David MARTIN, Julie WARD, Theresa GRIFFIN, Jude KIRTON-DARLING.

Glenis Willmott MEP and Labour MEPs in Europe have launched an international campaign this week with the aim to eradicate extreme poverty across the globe. Glenis is calling for ambitious targets to be set, known as Sustainable Development Goals, to …

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“For the price of a cup of coffee” – MEP welcomes vaccine campaign

Local Euro MP Glenis Willmott is supporting the World Health Organisation’s Immunisation Week, which starts on Saturday.

She said: “For the price of a cup of coffee, a child can be vaccinated against five of the major childhood killers, including …

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The darker side of chocolate

Whether or not our waistbands agree with it, we all enjoy a bit of chocolate every now and then. However, we probably often forget how it is made and how it reaches us.

The truth is that even your white …

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