Local MEP demands that research into childhood cancer is a priority

laboratory large

A local MEP has called for fighting childhood cancer to be a priority in Europe.

Glenis Willmott MEP chaired a workshop in the European Parliament on Tuesday to discuss the availability of treatments for childhood illnesses, including cancer.  Speakers at …

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“Maternity leave is a right not a luxury” says local MEP

mother and babyAhead of International Women’s Day tomorrow, Glenis Willmott MEP has demanded better maternity leave and pay for women at an EU level. Critical EU legislation is at risk of being scrapped if representatives from national governments don’t agree to re-open …

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Labour MEPs vote to save children from deadly addiction to tobacco

Cig Packaging2Labour MEPs voted last week for measures that will save children from taking up smoking and becoming addicted to tobacco.

The measures would bring in larger picture warnings covering two-thirds of each cigarette pack, with governments free to introduce full …

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Tories starve East Midlands’ food banks of millions in EU aid

iStock_000023726135SmallTory MEPs have voted against EU aid for the East Midlands’ poorest people, denying food banks millions of pounds.

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly this week to endorse the Fund for European Aid to the most deprived.  However, the Conservatives …

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Smoking – Labour MEPs vote to protect children

cig 2Labour MEPs voted yesterday for a raft of proposals aimed at protecting children from being targeted by tobacco companies.

The measures include graphic warnings to cover 65 per cent of cigarette packaging; the banning of chocolate and strawberry flavoured cigarettes; …

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Fighting “bubble boy” disease

A campaign to prevent a significant number of baby deaths will reach an important new stage this Thursday in Brussels, when the issue of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) is debated officially for the first time in the European Parliament.

Labour …

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Claim European milk subsidy – Labour MEP call

Cute little girl drinking milkAn East Midlands MEP is calling on the government to look again at claiming the European milk subsidy for under-fives.

Glenis Willmott believes that the present review of the European school milk scheme by the European Commission presents an excellent …

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Watch this video to see how children react to cigarette packaging

Surely it’s time to stop attractive, branded cigarettes.  This is something I will be trying to do when we revise the Tobacco Products Directive.

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The darker side of chocolate

Whether or not our waistbands agree with it, we all enjoy a bit of chocolate every now and then. However, we probably often forget how it is made and how it reaches us.

The truth is that even your white …

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Stopping loopholes for advertising of formula milk

Every parent wants their child to have the best possible start in life. We all know that the nutrition that babies receive in their first months and years is crucial for their growth and development, and will affect them for …

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