May’s divided, Brextremist government means we start negotiations on the back foot

In two years’ time, it is likely Britain will have left the European Union, but what kind of new relationship will we have with the rest of the EU? And how should the government go about achieving the best deal? …

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Local MEP: Cameron must negotiate in Europe, not make demands

cameron merkelAn East Midlands MEP has warned that the Prime Minister should make the case for the EU reforms Britain needs, rather than threatening to pull out if his demands are not met. Speaking early today, the Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond …

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Britain in the EU – better off by far

EU UK jigsawHidden in the digital depths of the BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) website is a document entitled the UK and the Single Market.

It’s actually the fourth in “a series of 18 trade and investment analytical papers” …

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