Stand firm against vested interests

meatA local Labour MEP has welcomed new European Commission proposals on the labelling of meat.

Under the draft plans, country of origin labels for fresh meat will have to state the country or countries in which the animal was reared and then slaughtered. The new measures will encompass fresh pork, poultry and lamb; beef is already covered under existing legislation.

Glenis Willmott, Labour’s Health spokesperson in the European Parliament, said:

“The horsemeat scandal highlighted the urgent need for honest food labelling. Two years ago I proposed EU-wide measures to label the country of origin of meat in processed foods – but the food industry, with the support of the British government, managed to derail our plans.

“We did manage to agree that the country of origin for unprocessed meat would be labelled by this time next year, and I welcome the Commission’s plans for this.  I urge them to stand firm against the vested interests of the big food industry and come forward with similar proposals for meat in processed food.

“If producers had to label the country of origin of all meat they would have a much better grip on their supply chain. We also need to tighten up our meat inspection regimes across Europe to stop this kind of fraud happening again.” 


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