Repatriating powers means taking rights away from workers

Conservative calls to repatriate powers from Europe is really about taking rights away from working people.

That is the message which local MEP Glenis Willmott will deliver to an audience of trade unionists in Derby this Friday.
Glenis said: “David Cameron and other Tories are openly talking about the “repatriation of powers” over employment legislation.   This means that a Tory government could in the future cut maternity leave, increase working hours, and take away paid holidays.”

“Martin Callanan, the Tory MEP who leads the eight nation Conservative & Reform Group in the European Parliament, has actually said that scrapping workers’ rights is one “one of the best ways” to create jobs.   EU laws that protect workers’ rights, such as paid holidays and maternity and paternity leave, are really “barriers to actually employing people” according to him.

“So many of the rights which people enjoy at work stem from European legislation.   But if the Tories get their way, the laws could easily be changed, and protections we’ve taken for granted for years could disappear.

“This is a serious threat to the civil and human rights of millions of workers. We must be under no illusions: when the Tories speak about ‘repatriating’ powers, they mean taking rights away from working people.”

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