Here you can find the latest edition of my monthly newsletter, as well as archived versions from the past.

January 2015 (second)

The second e-bulletin for January contains news about the EU’s Year for Development, the overturning of the Indian mango ban and my challenge to the Commission on wild animals in circuses.

January 2015

In the first issue for 2015, find out the new food labelling laws which I introduced to the Parliament, plus Labour MEPs speaking out on Juncker’s record on tax avoidance and environmental issues.


January 2014

In the first issue for 2014, find out the latest on the Clinical Trials Regulation which I steered through the Parliament, plus figures showing how much better off we are as members of the EU.


June 2013

In the latest e-bulletin read about my work on clinical trials research, how the UK benefits from its membership of the EU, tobacco packaging and the horsemeat scandal.


August 2012

In this summer special read about my work on the EU’s new Health Programme, an update on the issue of blacklisting and a recent vote in the Parliament on ACTA.

March 2012

Read about the Tory attack on workers, diabetes, plain packaging for cigarettes and the proposed closure of Remploy factories

February 2012

In this month’s issue – the patriotic case for Britain in Europe, East Midlands Young Labour Conference, and more action needed for children with cancer.

January 2012

In this month’s issue read about the Tories representing the people of the East Midlands – the last thing on their minds, basic rights at risk in Hungary, plus the next steps in the fight against cervical cancer.

October 2011

Tories at war, again over Europe! As well as the health implications of climate change, and an article on how dogs can be trained to save the lives of those who suffer from epilepsy.

September 2011

This months Newsletter contains information on the Bombardier campaign, austerity measures, and information on whistleblowers. We also look forward to Labour Party Conference.

July 2011

This months issues include how the regional growth fund is denying the area of vital EU funding, as well as my work on cancer and the Race For Life.

June 2011

This month’s issue highlights the threat to EU funding received in the East Midlands due to the government’s cuts in funding to organisations such as the East Midlands Development Agency.

April 2011

This month’s e-bulletin provides information on a variety of environmental issues, baby milk health claim and Torywatch.

March 2011

This month’s issue highlights International Women’s Day and how the Conservatives voted against a variety of measures to improve the lives of women in the EU.

January/February 2011

In this joint issue you can read about the Fish Fight campaign and my visit to a local Cancer Research shop in Beeston.


December 2010

This month’s issue provides information on your consumer rights as an EU citizen and a reminder of forthcoming elections in 2011

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