Further delays to EU Clinical Trials Portal mean UK patients may not benefit at all from new regulation before Brexit

Mr Guido Rasi,
European Medicines Agency

13th July 2017

Dear Mr Guido Rasi,

I am writing to express my serious concerns about the consequences of the further delays to the development of the EU Clinical Trials Portal and Database …

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My resignation letter to Labour Party members

Dear friends,

I have served as your Labour MEP for the East Midlands for almost 12 years. In that time I have also been the Leader of Labour’s MEPs and, during this last year, I have had the privilege to …

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Labour MEP welcomes huge investment in Rolls-Royce Derby site

Dame Glenis Willmott MEP, has welcomed today’s announcement that the Derby Rolls-Royce site has been selected to develop and test the next generation of aero engines.

Labour MEP for the East Midlands, Dame Glenis Willmott MEP, said:

“This announcement is

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Disgrace that Queen’s Speech fails to guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit

Labour MEPs have condemned the government for failing to put forward legislation in the Queen’s Speech today that will guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit – as UK and other EU citizens petitioned the European Parliament to safeguard their rights.…

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Clarity still lacking from government on Brexit talks – Labour MEPs

Speaking on the conclusion of the first day of Brexit talks, Labour’s leader in the European Parliament Glenis Willmott MEP said:
“David Davis has begun some of Britain’s most important negotiations for a generation, yet the British people still …

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East Midlands MEP warns Hard Brexit could see return of rip-off holiday phone bills

Mobile phone roaming charges will finally end across the EU on Thursday (May 15) – but local Labour MEP, Glenis Willmott, has warned that a Hard Brexit could see British holidaymakers once again saddled with rip-off bills.

Glenis Willmott, Labour …

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Labour MEPs: Time to stop grandstanding and start serious business of negotiating

Labour MEPs have warned everyone involved in the Brexit negotiations to tone down the political grandstanding and start the serious business of negotiating, as the European Parliament today set out its response to the triggering of Article 50.

Dame Glenis …

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Any repeal of new EU laws on medical devices risks patient safety, warn Labour MEPs

Labour MEPs have warned the government that any repeal of new EU laws on medical devices could harm patient safety and risk a repeat of the hip replacement and PIP breast implant scandals.

The new law, which the European Parliament …

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PM must stop pandering to Tory Right to avoid no-deal disaster, warn Labour MEPs

Responding to the triggering of Article 50 today, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“It is time for Theresa May to be honest with the British public and to challenge the Right of her party who …

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May must ignore ‘no deal’ masochists and heed EU chief’s Brexit warning

Labour MEPs have warned that Theresa May must urgently build bridges with her fellow EU leaders, and listen less to the hardline ‘no deal’ Brexiters, after European Council President Donald Tusk told the European Parliament today that Europe will not …

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