New drug trials to be debated tomorrow

antiNew proposals for testing drugs and medical treatments will be debated by Euro MPs for the first time in Brussels tomorrow (Tuesday)

The Environment & Public Health Committee of the European Parliament will be discussing proposals put forward by local MEP Glenis Willmott.  Glenis is Labour’s spokesperson on public health, and rapporteur, or lead legislator, for the revision of the European rules on clinical trials.

Mrs Willmott wants greater transparency of the results of all clinical trials.  She is calling for a pan-European database, with full publication of trials, and financial penalties for those who delay.

She said: “Too many results from clinical trials are misleading, biased or missing.  It is time that all pharmaceutical companies and researchers made the full results of studies on new and existing drugs publicly available.”

Numerous academic studies have found that around half of all trials are never published, usually those with negative or disappointing results.

“For too long unflattering studies have gone undisclosed,” said Mrs Willmott. “It is vital that we know about negative outcomes, otherwise trials can be conducted repeatedly before it becomes public knowledge that they are ineffective or even dangerous.

“I’ve consulted widely with medical researchers and a variety of health organisations over my amendments and I hope they will receive support from other MEPs, when we discuss them in Committee.

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