Megatrucks – No thanks

GW crop In April, new proposals for HGV vehicles were published by the European Commission.  They’re causing a bit of a stir as critics are saying they could potentially allow so-called mega trucks to become the norm across Europe.

Labour MEPs have always opposed any relaxation of the rules that would allow for the proliferation of longer and heavier lorries.

Quite simply we do not want to see travelling warehouses on UK roads, and we very much fear the impact they would have on road safety, particularly on more vulnerable road users.

Of equal concern is the impact they would have on congestion and pollution at a time when we are trying to encourage freight off the roads and onto rail.   We are simply not convinced that the UK has the infrastructure in place to cope with these longer and heavier vehicles. Roads, bridges and crash barriers were simply not designed for these types of trucks.

We are worried that the changes proposed by the European Commission could be the start of a slippery slope to megatrucks becoming the norm across Europe. This would inevitably make it very difficult to prevent them from coming to the UK.

So we will be opposing those changes that seek to expand the numbers of these longer and heavier trucks across Europe, and over the coming months we will seek to get majority support within the European Parliament for this position.

This is only the start of a fairly long legislative process, which involves both the European Parliament and the Council (where the 27 national Governments sit).

But we are fully aware of constituents concerns and we will do all we can to fight back against the expansion of megatrucks across Europe, and stop them coming to Britain.


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