Make traffic light labelling EU-wide, says Labour MEP

foodlabel1Reacting to the official announcement of traffic light food labelling, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s leader in Europe and EU health spokesperson, reiterated her calls for Europe-wide traffic light rules:

“I am delighted that the traffic light scheme will be recommended in the UK.  If we’re serious about tackling obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes we have to enable shoppers to make healthier choices.

“However, to allow consumers to truly compare products and see what is in all processed foods we need rules that cover the whole EU single market. When I tried to make that change to EU law in 2011, the food industry was completely against my proposals, spending an estimated one billion euro on lobbying.  It was disappointing that Conservative MEPs also argued and voted against the traffic light scheme.

“While I commend the work done to get supermarkets and manufacturers on board, only EU regulation can ensure all the big transnational food companies will comply with the scheme.”

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