Let’s put our hearts into saving lives

Local MEP Glenis Willmott is supporting a campaign calling for young people to be taught emergency life support skills in school.  

The campaign, organised by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), argues that knowing how to stop bleeding, open an airway or perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), should be considered as important as knowing your times tables. 

Glenis said: “The amount of lives it would save in the long run could be staggering. As spokesperson for Labour MEPs on public health, I am extremely supportive of this campaign.   The aim would be to create a new generation of life savers across the UK by ensuring that emergency life support skills are taught in all schools and communities.”

“I’m delighted also that Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, has also publicly supported the idea of CPR  training in schools.” 

“The BHF campaign also links in well with other European campaigns.  For example, I recently signed a Written Declaration in the European Parliament, calling for greater awareness and education of the general public, and healthcare professionals with regard to cardiac arrest.”  


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