Lessons must be learned from EU summit

Glenis Willmott, MEP for the East Midlands and Labour’s leader in Europe, has welcomed a deal struck by European leaders to bring stability to the Eurozone. However, Mrs Willmott has warned that lessons must be learned from the last few months of instability.

Responding to news of the deal agreed at a Brussels summit in the early hours of Thursday 27 October, Mrs Willmott said:

“It is good to see agreement from Eurozone leaders last night. They must now ensure that this deal delivers the credible and comprehensive strategy that we need.

“I hope that European leaders have learned their lessons of the last few months and there will be no more repeat performances of the dithering that has caused such uncertainty.

“With this deal in place Europe’s right-wing governments must now look at the longer-term issues, including the damage being done by austerity-only policies that are sucking demand out of the European economies. Jobs and growth must be made a key priority.”

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