Labour MEPs say no to mega trucks

mega trucksLabour MEPs voted today to keep Britain’s roads free from mega trucks, which weigh up to 60 tonnes and reaching 25 metres in length.  Mega trucks are already used for freight transportation in some European countries but are not able to cross borders. Labour today voted to maintain these strict border controls and prevent the proliferation of longer and heavier lorries in the UK.

East Midlands Labour MEP Glenis Willmott said:

“Labour has always fiercely opposed allowing mega trucks to cross borders, because of our concerns about the threat they pose to road safety in Britain.

“Investigation into the dangers of mega trucks is on-going, but it is not difficult to imagine who’ll come out worse off in a collision between a bicycle and a 60 tonne lorry.

“We are also unconvinced the UK has the infrastructure in place to cope with these longer and heavier vehicles. Roads, bridges and older metal crash barriers were simply not designed for these types of monster trucks, and neither are the streets of our smaller towns and villages.”

 Glenis added:

“At a time when we are trying to encourage greener freight transportation using rail rather than roads, we are concerned at the impact mega trucks would have on congestion and pollution.

“Frankly, these ‘travelling warehouses’ are not fit for Britain’s roads.”


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