Labour MEP welcomes pesticide ban

honeybeeThe European Commission has decided to go ahead with a two year restriction on three pesticides found to be harmful to bees, as EU countries fail to reach a consensus.

Glenis Willmott, Leader of Labour MEPs and spokesperson for health and food, welcomed the news

“The UK government was wrong not to support restricting these harmful pesticides and I’m glad that the ban will go ahead,” Mrs Willmott said.

“Many of my constituents are rightly concerned that the bee population is in crisis worldwide.  In the UK bees have declined by 30% since 2E007.  As around three quarters of crops are reliant on pollination by bees, this is something we have to take very seriously.”

“Labour MEPs have been pushing for action on this for years.  This January the European Food Safety Authority stated that three types of neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to bees, and their use should be restricted.  Now we must take urgent action.”

“The European Commission was right to push EU countries on this.  Clearly the British government has listened more to the lobby of the big pesticide companies than to the concerns of their own constituents.”

“The only way we can have a real impact on saving collapsing bee colonies is by working together at EU level.  Labour MEPs will be closely monitoring the implementation and effects of the restriction to see whether further action is needed.”


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