“I hope Owen Paterson will stay true to his word for honest food labelling for consumers”

Speaking after yesterday’s emergency meeting of EU ministers on the horsemeat scandal, Glenis Willmott, Leader of Labour MEPs and spokesperson for the Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament on food labelling, said:

“Owen Paterson is now saying that he wants country of origin labelling for meat in processed foods. However, when the European Parliament backed my comprehensive proposals for EU-wide legislation on country of origin labelling in 2011, the UK government opposed my plans and forced us into a much weaker compromise. I insisted that the European Commission come forward with a report on meat in processed foods by the end of this year, and I hope Owen Paterson will stay true to his word and support Labour MEPs in our on-going battle for honest food labelling for consumers. We have to force the food industry to get a grip on their supply chains to ensure that consumers can trust what is written on the food label.”

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