Health Working Group

 What is the Health Working Group?

It is important that MEPs have a forum to discuss issues that affect the health of Europe’s citizens.  There are many decisions that are made in the European Parliament which affect health, whether it’s nutritional labelling on food, health warnings on tobacco, research into new cancer treatments or cross border organ donations.

As a co-chair of the Working Group I want to give patients, medical professionals, industry, academics and policy makers a chance to discuss the best way forward on the most important topics in the field of health at the moment.


2012 Meetings of the Health Working Group

Monday 19 March 1600-1800
ECJ ruling on patents for stem cell research

Wednesday 30 May 1500-1700
Mid-term review/evaluation of the Health Strategy

Tuesday 19 June 1600-1800
Mental health and economic crisis

Wednesday 19 September 1230-1430
Workshop on “Packaging of Unhealthy Products”
European Parliament, Room ASP A3G3, Brussels

Tuesday 9 October 1600-1800
Childhood immunisation

Wednesday 28 November 1500-1700
Health economics


To register for any of these meetings please contact



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