Labour MEP criticises refusal to crack down on foreign motorists who break traffic laws

Glenis Willmott has criticised the Tory-led Coalition government for walking away from new laws to crack down on foreign drivers speeding on roads in the East Midlands.

The new European measures, passed by the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week, will make it possible for governments to share information on road traffic offences and prosecute dangerous drivers in their own country.

Glenis explained:

There are an estimated 79,000 speeding and red light offences committed annually by foreign motorists on British roads.”

“The UK has always taken a lead on road safety in Europe and I am thoroughly disappointed to see the British government dismissing this important new law.”

“Britain is the only EU country refusing to support the new measure, which would enable us to crackdown on lawbreakers.” 

“Unless they sign up to this, we will have the crazy situation where drivers of non-British vehicles remain free to speed, drink and drive, jump red lights and not wear a seatbelt with limited fear of prosecution.”

“Across Europe we see other countries cooperating to make their roads safer, but Britain is refusing to act.”

The European Transport Safety Council, which represents the UK’s Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety in Brussels, has joined Glenis and other Labour MEPs in also urging the UK government to “opt-in as soon as possible”.

Photo: Fast Car by Florin Draghici, taken on July 11, 2008, Creative Commons License via Flickr

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