Government sells out holiday home owners

Glenis Willmott has accused the government of failing to support Brits who own holiday homes abroad.

This follows a decision by the Tory-led coalition to opt out of new EU laws aimed at helping avoid legal disputes and lengthy procedures when settling inheritances where the laws of more than one EU country may apply.

Glenis explained: “I regularly receive correspondence from constituents who own property elsewhere in Europe, but who are experiencing problems of one kind of another involving legal disputes and lengthy procedures.”

“In the Parliament this week, we had a real opportunity to address problems specifically relating to inheritance.  The proposal would give all UK citizens owning holiday properties in the EU the legal certainty of applying English law to their estates and wills.”

“However, as a result of the British government refusing to sign up to the proposed changes, we have a totally confused situation.  UK citizens residing permanently in other EU countries will be able to choose English law to sort out estates and wills, while UK citizens who own holiday homes will have to use the relevant law of the member state where they own a property.”

All UK citizens could have had the benefit of the choice to apply English law to their wills. The UK opt out is effectively a sell out of any British citizen owning property elsewhere in the EU.”


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