Glenis welcomes confirmation of seal products ban

seal2A local MEP has welcomed a decision by the World Trade Organization confirming that the importing and selling of seal products will remain illegal within the EU.

The ruling confirmed the validity of the European Union decision on the marketing of seals.

Glenis Willmott, Leader of Labour’s Euro MPs, said:

“The WTO has said that the European Union was well within its rights to ban the cruel products of the commercial sealing industry on the grounds of animal welfare.

“Canada and Norway had challenged the ban on seal products which had been passed by Europe’s Parliament and overwhelmingly supported by citizens in Britain and across the EU.

“As this is the first time a WTO panel has acknowledged animal welfare as an issue of public morality, it sets an important precedent for the future.

“Labour MEPs will fight to ensure that our borders remain firmly shut to commercial seal products.”


For more details on the report, see:

For more details on the ruling, see:



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