Glenis “Shows Her Hand” for justice for Thalidomide survivors

thalodomide moleculeAn East Midlands Euro MP met representatives from Thalidomide survivors’ Show Your Hand organisation this week to discuss how she can continue to support their campaign.

Show Your Hand is campaigning for Grünenthal, the German company that originally developed Thalidomide, to finally pay compensation to all survivors.

Compensation schemes set up for UK survivors in the 1970’s were paid by the UK government and the UK distributor of the drug, Diageo.

However, this compensation has proved inadequate as, with survivors now in their fifties and sixties, they are experiencing additional health problems that were not anticipated when the original settlements were reached.

Grünenthal has never paid any compensation to UK survivors, despite publicly apologising for their role in the tragedy in September 2012.

Glenis Willmott, Labour’s Leader in Europe and Health Spokesperson, said:

“I wrote to Grünenthal in June and they replied saying that they recognise they have a moral responsibility for the tragedy, yet they still refuse to pay compensation to Thalidomide victims in the UK.

“Thalidomide survivors have shown remarkable courage in their determination to live as normal lives as possible.

“It’s high time the company with ultimate responsibility for the tragedy showed some courage too.  I’ve written to Grünenthal again to point out that their apology is just empty words if it is not backed up by concrete actions to properly compensate Thalidomide survivors.”



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