Glenis re-elected to lead Labour in Europe

Glenis Willmott has been re-elected as Leader of Labour’s new Group of Euro MPs.

At the Group’s first meeting following the European Elections, the East Midlands MEP was unanimously chosen once again to lead the 20 strong group in the Brussels Parliament.

Thanking her colleagues for their support, Glenis said: “We’ve increased the number of Labour MEPs from 13 to 20, our vote share is up by a third, and, looking forward to next year’s General Election, we are well ahead in those seats which we need to gain to form a Labour government in 2015.”

“I’m proud that we took on the politics of pessimism and despair, which is all the Tories and UKIP have to offer.  

“But there’s more to do.  It’s clear that many people are disenchanted with the old politics, and there is no doubt that Europe now faces a significant period when opportunities for reform must be seized.

“Labour MEPs are up for this challenge.  Unlike the Tories, who are isolated in Europe, or like UKIP who aim only to destroy, Labour will be at the heart of reforms to produce a Europe that works better for Britain.

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