Glenis pledges support for “Action on Stroke Month”

blood pressure meter & stethoscopeGlenis Willmott has pledged her support for a campaign to increase awareness of stroke.

The campaign “Action on Stroke Month” is organised by the Stroke Association, and is the charity’s annual drive to increase awareness of stroke, the impact it has on people, and the help available to those affected.

Glenis said: “I’m delighted to support the campaign.  Those who survive a stroke and those who care for them, often face a future which is incredibly difficult; physically, psychologically and emotionally.

“Stroke victims and their families can often feel isolated and ignored.    This May will be “Action on Stroke Month” and I hope that as many people as possible will sign up to pledge their support on the Stroke Association website at

“As Labour’s health spokesperson in Europe, I’m actually steering new laws through the European Parliament at the moment on clinical trials, work that has a real relevance for research into strokes and other medical emergencies.”

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