Get asbestos out of Europe call

Danger Asbestos yellow warning tape close upGlenis Willmott has welcomed a new initiative calling for the removal of asbestos from public buildings across Europe.

The report, agreed in the European Parliament this week, calls for the removal of asbestos from all public buildings and buildings requiring public access by 2028, an EU-wide model for screening and registration of asbestos, and a roadmap for its removal.

Glenis, who was a senior officer with the GMB union prior to becoming an MEP said: “Around 4,000 people die every year in the UK due to asbestos related illnesses, making it the county’s single greatest cause of work-related death.”

The vote was passed overwhelmingly by MEPs, though Glenis criticised UKIP MEPs who voted against the measures.

“UKIP are isolated claiming white asbestos is ‘harmless’.  It’s not a pro or anti Europe issue, it’s about people dying from asbestos-related diseases.”


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