Further action needed on pesticides harmful to bees, says Labour MEP

honeybeeReacting to the European Food Safety Authority’s findings that the pesticide fipronil can pose a “high acute risk” to honeybees, Glenis Willmott, Labour’s Leader in Europe and spokesperson for Labour MEPs on food safety, called on the European Commission to take action.

“Last Friday the European Commission rightly adopted measures to restrict the use of three pesticides harmful to bees.  However we must continue to take action on other factors contributing to the worldwide collapse in bee populations.”

“The Commission needs to seriously look at the fipronil case, and whether it warrants similar restrictions.  Whilst evidence on other crops remains patchy, EFSA has found that use of the pesticide on maize is especially concerning.  I think there are grounds for the Commission to step in.”

“I hope that when evaluating this and other potential risks to honeybees the UK government will play a more constructive role than before, after defying scientific advice and public opinion in the neonicotinoid case.”


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