Food for thought – MEP produces something to chew on

Labour MEP Glenis Willmott has published a briefing which aims to bring people up to date on a number of issues relating to the food we consume, and recent action at European level affecting this area of our lives.

The publication, entitled “Food for thought”, is available on her website and printed copies are also available from her office on 0115 922 9717.

The briefing includes issues surrounding claims by manufacturers on behalf of their products such as “now contains 20% less sugar” and “reduced salt” as well as other food labelling issues such as guideline daily amounts (GDAs) and traffic light labelling.

Glenis said: “Whenever there have been issues before the European Parliament on food matters, MEPs have received a substantial postbag.  It’s clear there is a demand for more information on what is being done at EU level on these matters. 

“By including a number of food issues in one publication I hope there is something of interest, not just to those who have written to me, but also others in the East Midland who are concerned about what they buy for themselves and their families.

“With growing awareness of obesity and other health risks, consumers rightly want to know more about their food.

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