European Parliament discusses future of transfats

glenis chairToday Glenis Willmott MEP will host a session of the European Parliament’s Health Working Group, looking at the issue of transfats.

Despite being linked to a number of health problems, transfats are often added to processed foods to increase shelf life or as a substitute for more expensive fats and oils.

“More than any other nutrient, transfats seriously increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, raising the risk of coronary heart disease,” said Mrs Willmott.  “There is conclusive evidence about the risk transfats pose to heart health, and they have also been linked to a number of other diseases, from infertility to Alzheimer’s.”

“When I negotiated new EU food labelling rules I wanted all transfats to be labelled, but I was blocked by the food industry and EU governments.  The Commission promised to look specifically at this issue and report back next year. I want to see legislative proposals for mandatory labelling, such as in the US, or even an EU-wide ban of added transfats, as they already have in Denmark and elsewhere.”

“Today we will hear from experts on the issue, looking at the public health consequences of consuming transfats, and the progress made in Denmark.  I hope that the meeting will be the first step in tackling the serious public health problems caused by transfats.”


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