Europe – making our roads safer

MEP says Strasbourg vote will help prevent fatal accidents

Labour MEPs this week in Strasbourg voted in favour of new proposals which should help make roads safer in the UK, and across Europe.

Motor bikes and other two wheeled vehicles currently make up only 2% of total traffic, but account for 16% of fatal accidents on Europe’s roads, and the new proposals will bring more stringent safety standards for new vehicles.

Glenis Willmott, Leader of Labour’s MEPs, said: “This is about saving lives by improving safety.  The new rules will make sure that all new motorbikes will comply with higher safety standards.
“There has been some concern from bike owners who like to customise their bikes, but they will still be able to do this, provided they don’t affect safety or the environmental performance of the vehicle.

“Manufacturers will benefit too, as there will be one new regulation replacing the 15 existing directives.”

“Also, new emission reduction measures will result in much more efficient, cleaner vehicles entering the market.”

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