Europe can help address the “quieter crisis”

Europe can provide real added value to some of the problems arising from ageing populations, local MEP Glenis Willmott has said.

Mrs Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands said: “While the economic crisis loudly rumbles on, a much quieter crisis is happening all around us, in every country in the European Union.

“With ageing populations, there are more and more people suffering from neuro-degenerative diseases.   Already over 35 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias worldwide, with this number due to double by 2030.

Labour’s European spokesperson on Public Health explained how new EU proposals included in the Health for Growth Programme could provide real added value.

“We need to share data about dementia, collecting it in a similar way, allowing us all to compare results, and we also need to coordinate our research into the disease.

“And we have to look at common policies. How can we make sure people are diagnosed early? How do we ease the burden on families the patient?

“The EU’s Health for Growth programme offers opportunities to work together across the EU, taking the best that Europe can provide, while allowing individual governments the freedom and autonomy to deliver effective health care in their own way.

“And while attention is understandably devoted to the crisis in the Eurozone, we must not miss out on chances to work together on issues in other fields, most notably public health.

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