East Midlands MEP calls for UK action on breast implants after European Commission Report

“If any woman is at risk then I believe she has the right to have her breast implant removed, and the private companies who caused the problem should pay for it,” said Glenis Willmott MEP this week.

The European Commission yesterday published all the evidence they have gathered on the risks of the faulty PIP implants, and recommended that all women who are worried should go and see their surgeons.  Commission scientists will continue their work, and the European Parliament will start revising the Medical Devices Directive this year with stricter provisions for authorising implants.

“The British Government should force the private companies to remove faulty implants at no cost,” said Glenis, who is Leader of the British Labour MEPs.

“Women all over the UK are suffering huge anxiety on this issue. There has been serious fraud here.

“The Commission is drawing up a list of measures that countries can follow under the current rules, and I welcome this.

“Five countries have now recommended removal – France, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium.

“Belgium issued their advice after receiving the Commission’s report – but the UK Government still isn’t doing enough and is leaving thousands of women in limbo,”  she said.

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