Don’t backtrack on animal testing

A local Euro MP has insisted that Europe must not backtrack on testing cosmetics on animals.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, explained: “Although there is a total ban on testing cosmetics ingredients on animals within the EU, there are some products – tested on animals elsewhere in the world – which are still sold here.”

“These are due to be banned next year, but I am concerned that the European Commission may propose delaying the deadline.”

The Commission is looking at three possible options; to let the current law stand, so that the 2013 deadline comes into force as planned; to postpone the deadline; or to allow certain exceptions to the deadline.

Glenis said: “A number of constituents have written expressing concern that the deadline may be postponed or exceptions allowed.   I am making it absolutely clear that any such proposal will be opposed by Labour MEPs.”

“We believe that the current law, as it is, should stand.   A consistent EU position would send a strong signal to other countries like the USA and Japan who do not have similar legislation, and would force the cosmetics industry worldwide to choose between phasing out animal tests, or else losing access to its biggest market.”

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  1. dianne naidoo says:

    animal testing is bad because you don’t know how the animals feeels and besides that you just leave outside in pain.

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