Delight at overwhelming vote

laboratoryIn Brussels last night, the European Parliament voted by 594 votes to 17 to support new rules for clinical trials across Europe.  The new laws were taken through Parliament by East Midlands Labour MEP Glenis Willmott.

Glenis said: “I am delighted that the overwhelming majority of MEPs backed the deal I reached on the Clinical Trials Regulation.  It will make trials more transparent, give hope to patients needing new and better treatments, and boost the number of skilled research jobs here in Europe.”

“Currently around half of all clinical trials are not published, which is unacceptable.  This legislation will change that by ensuring that all trials report a summary of results to a publicly accessible database, as well as the full Clinical Study Reports once a medicine has applied for authorisation.”

“The new law will also offer hope to the millions of people in Europe suffering from rare diseases by making cross-border trials much easier to conduct.  There are simply not enough patients in one country alone to develop new or improved treatments for rare diseases, and by working at European level we can reduce the huge cost and burden of conducting trials across borders.”

“Over the last few years Europe has been losing jobs in research as clinical trials move elsewhere in the world.  By streamlining the rules, whilst keeping patient safety at heart, we can be more competitive, create new jobs and ensure that Europe remains a world leader in medical research.”


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