Cruel treatment of greyhounds must be stopped

Plenary5A Labour MEP is demanding an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe.

Glenis Willmott has signed a Written Declaration in the European Parliament calling upon the European Commission to take action.

Glenis said: “We are calling on the Commission to make more efforts to ensure that the European Union’s animal welfare legislation is implemented correctly.  We also want them to come up with concrete actions to bring about an immediate stop to the acts of cruelty inflicted on greyhounds in various parts of Europe.

Greyhounds are used for hunting and racing in many Member States of the European Union, and there is evidence that some are liable to be subjected to torture by their owners if they regard the animals as unsuitable for these purposes.

This can take different forms, from simply abandoning the animals, though there also been examples of people actually hanging them and leaving them to die.

Glenis explained: “It’s up to Member States to control the trade and the trafficking of greyhounds in Europe.  Many have failed to do so.

“The rules on breeding and keeping greyhounds vary widely across Europe and, for the most part, are not adequately enforced.

“It’s time the EU stepped in to stop this appallingly cruel treatment.”

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