Company that invented Thalidomide should compensate survivors

GW seriousAn East Midlands MEP has written to the company that created Thalidomide, calling on them to finally compensate those who continue to suffer the consequences of the tragedy.

Thalidomide was manufactured and marketed by the German company Grünenthal and was promoted to women in the 1950s and 60s as an antidote to morning sickness.

However, the drug led to the deaths of tens of thousands of babies, while thousands more were born with severe birth defects.

In 2012, Grünenthal publicly apologised for the tragedy but they have still not compensated the victims. Now UK Thalidomide survivors are asking people to support their campaign, calling for real compensation and an end to what they see as 50 years of injustice.

Euro MP Glenis Willmott has written to the Chief Executive of Grünenthal to add her support to the campaign.

Glenis said, “I find it shocking that after more than 50 years, the company that manufactured Thalidomide still refuses to accept responsibility and properly compensate the victims.”

“With most survivors now in their fifties, they are experiencing additional health problems, such as chronic muscular and joint pain, and finding their health is deteriorating faster than for other people of the same age.”

“Thalidomide survivors have shown remarkable courage and resilience in their determination to live as normal lives as possible. Meanwhile the company that is responsible for their suffering refuses to help them by providing the compensation they deserve.”



1.   The Show Your Hand campaign website can be found here:

2.  To date, UK Thalidomide survivors have received compensation and financial assistance from the UK distributor of the drug, now Diageo, and from the UK Government.

3.  There are around 6,000 Thalidomide survivors worldwide, of which around 467 live in the UK.



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