Cell donation – no financial incentives

There should be no financial incentives for people to donate tissues or cells, a Labour MEP has said.

Supporting a European Parliament resolution this week in Strasbourg, Glenis Willmott agreed that such donations should be voluntary, unpaid and – in most cases – anonymous.

Glenis, Labour’s health spokesperson in the Parliament, said: “Though compensation should be granted for legitimate expenses such as travel and loss of earnings, we believe member states should ban financial incentives for donation, and we want the European Commission to put forward legislation to guarantee the principle of unpaid donation.”

In the resolution, MEPs also recommended that EU countries should cooperate better on cross-border donations.

“Agreements between individual countries can help to address tissue or cell shortages or to find donor matches.   However, patients could benefit further if EU countries worked more closely with Eurocet, the European registry of tissues and cells.”

“Medical science in this area has progressed in leaps and bounds, and we now need to adapt the regulatory framework accordingly.”

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