My open letter to East Midlands editors on International Women’s Day


Dear Editor,

The 8th March is International Women’s Day, and the theme this year is Pledge for Parity. The campaign is calling for everyone, regardless of their field, to support gender equality at work and at home.

I find it …

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Local Euro MP calling for stronger EU-wide rules on hunting trophies

Tiger in cageThis World Wildlife Day, 3rd March, a local Euro MP is supporting calls to consider a complete ban on importing or exporting hunting trophies in the EU.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, has signed a European Parliament …

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Scientists for EU launch Healthier in the EU campaign

Dear Editor,

On 3rd March, Scientists for EU will launch their campaign, Healthier in the EU, and I am proud to be on their advisory board.

The positive impact that EU membership has on our health is often overlooked.  But …

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Labour MEPs: It’s time to call out Eurosceptics who claim to speak for Britain, but in truth only represent a fraction of people

EU UK Flags

In a debate today on the EU summit and the upcoming referendum, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“For too long politicians in Britain have shied away from the big arguments about Europe.

“We’ve allowed debate …

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Eurosceptics do not own patriotism – staying in the EU is best for Britain

EU & Uk flags merged transparent largeAfter the theatrics of Cameron’s renegotiation, and the spectacle of Tory MPs booing their own Prime Minister, we have a referendum date – 23rd June – and the campaign has officially begun. One of the most frustrating arguments from Eurosceptics, …

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MEPs backing Britain, not Cameron, in support for deal


Responding to David Cameron’s visit to the European Parliament today, Glenis Willmott, MEP for the East Midlands and Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“David Cameron’s long history of burning bridges means that a personal visit will probably have …

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The EU isn’t just good for business, it’s good for consumers

EU & Uk flags merged transparent largeMany people know about the benefits to business of staying in the EU, and business organisations from the Confederation of British Industries to the UK manufacturers Association have spoken out in favour of a remain vote.

The EU is the …

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My article for LabourList – There are no circumstances under which we would be better off outside the EU


As David Cameron jets round Europe to seal his EU reform deal, and with the various leave campaigns squabbling and in chaos, the big issues facing voters in the referendum mustn’t be lost.

The EU referendum is not about the …

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My letter to editors across the East Midlands on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Dear Editor,

4th February is World Cancer Day, when campaigners want to raise awareness of the disease and push governments to take action to save millions of preventable deaths each year.

Sadly cancer is still the second biggest cause of …

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Labour MEPs: “Remaining in the EU is vital for our economy, our rights, and our security”

EU & Uk flags merged transparent large

Responding to the publication of the draft deal between David Cameron and Donald Tusk on the EU renegotiation, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“Remaining in the European Union is vital for our economy, our rights, …

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