Cameron is no Churchill and has put British rebate in doubt

GlenisWillmott,  MEP for the East Midlands, and Labour’s Leader in Europe is concerned that David Cameron’s use of the veto in last Friday’s summit is already working against British interests in the EU, and is worried that the situation will get worse.

Joseph Daul, leader of the EPP – the European Parliament’s largest party, said in Strasbourg today that after Britain had not shown solidarity with its European partners, that the British rebate must now be put into question.

Other political leaders agreed with his tone. Guy Verhosfstadt, Leader of ALDE the European Parliament’s Liberals, said he would no longer speak in English as it was not appropriate. Martin Schulz, Leader of the European Parliament’s socialists, said that it was bankers in the City of London who had caused the crisis.

MEPs laughed and clapped as Guy Verhofstadt turned to English and said “Mr Cameron, if you do not sit at the table you find yourself on the menu.”

Mrs Willmott said:

“Britain is now a laughing stock and Britain is an exporting country that depends on the European Single Market. British MEPs who chair all-important finance committees now feel insecure in their positions,”

“Cameron’s incompetence last Friday was our lowest point since joining the EU. He failed to form an alliance of our natural allies in the EU with the Scandinavian countries or Poland”

“It’s an open secret he failed to properly use the British foreign office during pre-summit negotiations – it is well known that they are the Rolls Royce of foreign diplomats. Before Cameron was Leader, the British Tories were part of the EPP and that gave them influence. In the pre-summit negotiations of the Centre Right countries, Cameron’s party was not even represented”

“The vast majority of the British will now suffer in our living standards and there will be a loss of British jobs for the sake of giving red meat to a few conservative    MEPs”

“Cameron might think he is Churchill. In fact, never in the history of negotiations with our European partners was so much sacrificed for so few by so many”

“British financial interests will now be discussed by our EU partners, and we will not be at the table to discuss them.”

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