Call for easier recycling of electronic waste



An East Midlands MEP has called on the government to make it easier to recycle electronic waste by signing up in full to new rules agreed in the European Parliament today.

Following the vote in Strasbourg,  Glenis Willmott said: “Britain lags behind other countries when it comes to recycling electrical waste.  The government should introduce in full the new EU rules which we have passed today, which will bring about recycling points in major shops.”

Electrical waste is the fastest-growing type of waste in the UK, yet only a third of UK electrical waste is properly recycled and treated.  This level of waste is likely to go up as electrical products get replaced at an ever faster rate.

Glenis added. “In Britain, it can be difficult at the moment to find the nearest collection point for your old toaster, radio or other electrical goods.   The result is that things just get thrown into general waste bins which all goes into landfill.”

“Britain is towards the bottom of the European league when it comes to this kind of recycling.  In the “small household electrical waste” category, for example, Denmark and Germany recycle three times as much as we do.”

“If the new EU rules are implemented in full, from June 2013 consumers will be able to return any small unwanted electrical items such as toasters and hairdryers to large electrical retailers, in a bid to increase the amount of electrical waste we recycle.”

“The UK must do a lot better, and we can start by signing up as quickly as possible to the new rules.”

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