Booking a holiday soon? Don’t forget your EU rights…

Family on beach]#This week, travel industry figures have spoken out about how a Brexit might affect your summer holiday, pointing out how it was EU level legislation that made flights abroad accessible to more than just an elite.

So, how much do you know about the EU and your holidays?

Firstly, if you travel within the EU, you don’t have to pay for a visa – to enter France or Germany would cost over £40 otherwise, and add another thing to worry about. You can also save on using your phone to call friends and family at home – roaming charges have been dramatically reduced already, and thanks in part to campaigning from Labour MEPs will be completely abolished by 2017.

If something goes wrong, you are also safe in the knowledge that our membership gives you the right to emergency state-funded treatment until your return home, at a reduced cost and in some cases for free.

The EU also gives the best available protection for air passengers. Labour MEPs have supported EU legislation which guarantees the rights of air passengers, and we’ve pushed to ensure that passengers travelling within the EU or on flights to/from an EU airport are adequately protected. If a flight is covered by EU rules, you are entitled to a refund or alternative travel if your flight is cancelled, overbooked or you are denied boarding.

And did you know it was EU legislation that finally stopped those hidden charges appearing on your flights at checkout? Since 2008, airlines have to charge the same prices to all customers within the EU, and the price you see is the price you pay. That means no more £1 pound flights with £100 taxes and checkout fees!

If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime abroad, EU rules even ensure you have access to the police and courts, that you’re protected from further victimisation or intimidation and can access compensation and information in your own language.

With all the chatter about Brexit this week, we need to remember the facts behind our EU membership, and what we’d lose if we left. Labour MEPs will be campaigning to protect all of your EU rights, from fundamental rights at work to compensation for delayed flights – will you join us?

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