Opportunity and education for young people is the key to Britain’s future

Job CentreWe should always be striving for the next generation to do better than the last, and education is vitally important to achieving this. The launch of Labour’s education manifesto this week demonstrates a sincere commitment to opportunity for all.

The …

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Clean water can save a newborn baby’s life; let’s commit to giving them a #HealthyStart

clean water pumpToday is World Water Day which is an important annual milestone for international development. Providing universal access to clean drinking water has long been something I have campaigned on and a key goal of the United Nations and countless brilliant …

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We are still fighting against racial discrimination in the EU

iStock_000018447670MediumOn this day in 1960, South African police opened fire against 69 people demonstrating peacefully against apartheid ‘pass laws’ in Sharpeville, South Africa. The United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination marks this tragedy every year, and …

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Tales from the campaign trail (part 2)

Outside Radmoor Centre 2As I continue campaigning in the run-up to this year’s all-important general election, I’ve been reminded recently of the old Bob Monkhouse joke: “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian.  Well, they’re not laughing now!” …

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30 years on from the first .com domain, the internet has transformed our lives

ethernet cables

Today marks 30 years since the first .com domain name was registered. Back in 1985, American computer manufacturer Symbolics acquired the first web address at a time when their most advanced machines could just about fit on a sturdy desk …

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Bringing back high-quality apprenticeships is vital for our young people


This week marks National Apprenticeship Week which is a fantastic opportunity to bang the drum for apprentices and the huge opportunities and benefits apprenticeships offer to both individuals and society. It was first introduced by the last Labour government back …

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Now we can finally put public health ahead of the tobacco industry


Today is national No Smoking Day and MPs have finally voted to introduce plain cigarette packaging in England. The government first announced they would consider the proposals back in 2011 and held a consultation in 2012. They then appeared to …

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We cannot become complacent about LGBTI rights

Gay couple enjoying summer

It was announced this week that a Labour government would enable all gay men with historical convictions for ‘gross indecency’ to be pardoned, and loved ones can even request this after their death. Named after Alan Turing, the brilliant World …

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Labour leading the way to gender equality

We Can Do ItOn International Women’s Day, many of us look back at just how far gender equality and women’s rights have moved forward in our lifetimes, and also how far we still have to go to achieve true equality. One largely unremarked …

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Educating and empowering women is essential for developing countries

Educating girlsAlthough great strides have been made in gender equality, being born female still puts you at a disadvantage in some parts of the world. As the European Year of Development theme this month is women and girls, and it is …

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